New Nexus 7 Indicated In Official Google Video


New Nexus 7 Indicated In Official Google Video

Are you a Nexus 7 owner? Do you have the notification light you see above? I bet you don't because I know my Nexus 7 doesn't.

The screenshot above comes from Google's new promo video for Hangouts. It shows a notification for a Hangout and with that seems to come a new notification light - very similar to the one on the Nexus 4.

It looks like the design is staying relatively the same, which isn't a bad thing. The Nexus 7 has a nice design overall anyway and it's a very good size. Most likely Google will update the quality of the outer shell and the tech inside. Hopefully we'll see a higher resolution screen, a more powerful CPU and a lot more storage space.

Google have yet to announce the new Nexus 7 but with it being shown off in this video, it must be coming very soon.

You can see the screenshot above at around 20 seconds in on the video below.