MIUI Comes to iPhone | Minimal iOS Theme | Cydia


MIUI Comes to iPhone | Minimal iOS Theme | Cydia

Android users will already know of MIUI and it's popularity on the OS. I was in the Android scene when MIUI launched and it was a huge hit. It brought a lot of style to the then bland Android OS. Thankfully Android has come along way since then.

MIUI has now come over to iOS in the form of a Winterboard theme. And as you'd expect, it looks absolutely stunning. All the default icons for iOS have been changed to now have a minimalistic flat style - it's brilliant and different from what others have to offer.

It doesn't just offer icons. It also offers customised versions of the iPod app, the SMS app, phone app and a lot of the general UI, such as the buttons, transitions...etc.

This has got to be one of the most beautiful themes available for iPhone right now, it's just sublime.

Now you probably want to get this theme on your iPhone, here's how.

How To Install MIUI Theme on iOS

MIUI is optimised for the iPhone 5. It will run on any other devices which run iOS 6. It does not support iPad.

To get started you'll need to add another repo to cydia - http://cydia.myrepospace.com/imiui - go into the repo and just install it. Then go to Winterboard and enable the theme.
You can also manually install the theme if you wish - full theme zip.

How To Get MIUI Lockscreen

If you'd like to have the MIUI lockscreen like I have (check out the pics above), you'll need to do some more tweaking which can be a bit overwhelming to beginners. So please follow this if you're comfortable with playing around with root files on your device.

1. First you'll need to download JellyLock (BETA) from Cydia, it's free.
2. Download the JellyLock customisation file. Unzip it.
3. You'll need to then access your device root files and navigate to '/Library/Application Support/JellyLock/Contents/Resources'.
4. Go back to your unzipped JellyLock zip. Go to 'themes/default'. Take all the files in there and copy to the folder you just navigated to on your device.
5. Enjoy!

The best thing about MIUI? It's completely free. Most other major themes that I've covered on UltraLinx such as Jaku and Kiwi are paid.