Minimal FIFA Interface Concept

I’m a huge FIFA player and I’m sure many of you guys in the UK and EU are too, think the US is not so much. FIFA is one of the most popular games which comes out every year and it’s by far the most popular football game.

The only problem is that FIFA is made by EA, which has been voted the worst company of the year. Everyone despises EA and you can see why when you play their games.

FIFA is no exception. The interface on the game is absolutely horrific. Jittery animations, randomly organised menus and overall very sluggish. Their web interface for the game is just as bad.

Rodrigo Bellão, a designer from Brazil has taken the time to redesign the FIFA interface in his free time. It’s a stunning piece of work. He’s made the UI with a very minimalistic style. Everything is super organised and just very clean in general. EA definitely need to hire this guy.

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