Lychee - A Beautiful Self Hosted Photo Management System

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Lychee - A Beautiful Self Hosted Photo Management System

If you're a photographer you're probably using Flickr or 500px to host your pictures. Both platforms are a great way to show off your pictures and gain much deserved exposure for your work. But if you're interested in self-hosting your photos, Lychee may be a great option.

Lychee is a beautiful self-hosted photo management system. There are many benefits to this. The design will always stay the same, no corporation will try to change anything around. There will be no ads. And your photos are always stored safely on your own server - no having to worry about any of your work being controlled or owned by a larger organisation.

The design of Lychee is fantastic. It's a no-fuss interface which has been purely designed to show off your work. It puts your work at the centre of everything.

Lychee is also completely responsive so it'll look great on a tablet or phone.

I recommend it to any photographer out there who wants a great and very simple way to show off their portfolio to potential clients.

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