Instagram Updated With New Tagging Feature

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Instagram Updated With New Tagging Feature

Instagram has just updated its mobile app to include a new feature they're calling "Photos of You" - really it's just a tagging feature. Who knows why they're trying to give it a name but this new feature allows you to now tag other Instagram members to your pictures. Who knows why this wasn't included from day one, nearly all picture services allow tagging.

The new tagging functionality is very well put together though. You can tap anywhere on the photo, search through the people you follow and tag them to the pic.

A new tab will now appear on your profile, tapping on this will show the pictures you are tagged in.

Anyone else can also tag you in a photo, fortunately you get the ability to approve a picture before it shows up on your profile - no embarrassing pictures.

The new update is available on both iOS and Android.

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