How To Implement Twitter Cards on WordPress

If you’re a regular user of Twitter you’ll have definitely noticed Twitter cards, like the one above. When you click on a tweet, it’ll show more information about that tweet such as its title, short excerpt, an image, Twitter account and source link.

To achieve what you see above is pretty simple when it comes to WordPress. Plugins have you sorted.

How To Integrate Twitter Cards Into WordPress

1. First you’ll need to install the JM Twitter Cards plugin.

2. Go into Settings/JM Twitter Cards. And follow what the plugin tells you to enter.

3. Head over to the Twitter cards validator. Put in your URL to check everything is working properly, it’ll then ask you to approve your URL.

4. You should then start seeing Twitter cards for your content.

If the validator tool shows your site isn’t valid just give it a few hours. Once you’ve asked to get validated Twitter says it’ll take weeks to get accepted, when in reality you should actually be accepted right away – I was anyway.

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