Imgembed - Make Money From Your Images


Imgembed - Make Money From Your Images

Nothing online is safe - that's a fact. Once you put something on the internet, it will be taken, it's a side effect of the internet. But if you're a photographer who would like to earn some cash from your photos being used online, Imgembed is a great service.

Imgembed allows creators to upload their images and benefit from others using them. Creators can track where their images are being used, gain recognition for their images and make money from their images based on how many views they receive.

It allows users to use images with permission, use some images for free, pay for some other images and will help them cut down on hosting costs and resources because the images will be hosted on Imgembed.

The service is a win-win for both content creators and users who are looking for images to use on their website.

The site itself is completely free to use and users only pay when they want to use an image without any attribution. Creators only pay 30% of their earnings. It's literally as simple as that.