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Being a designer myself, I'm always coming across things on the web which inspire me - whether it be a random image or a quote, there's always something which can trigger this little magical explosion you have in your head that gives you the urge to create something.

The problem I've had and I'm sure many other designers have had too is organising all this content. Sure you can save the images to your hard drive but when it comes to finding the link to the source or adding other content like notes, it's very difficult.

Icebergs is a service which literally changes all that, and boy does it do it beautifully. Founded by Albert Pereta and César Isern, this is their description of the service: is a visual organization app for creative minds. Collaborate, organize and share images, text, videos, websites, notes and your own files like never before. A place in the cloud for your daily research, projects and online inspiration. Enjoy your reseach again!

Icebergs is your inspiration board. It's that wall you use in your office where you attach lots of different notes and images, it's that whiteboard where you jot down things quickly, it's the place you go to inspire yourself.

The Dashboard

Icedrops & Sidebar

The dashboard looks like what you see above. On the left is the sidebar showing your icebergs. You can have many different icebergs named to whatever you like - they're basically categories.

On the right, which covers most of the screen are your icedrops, these are your little snippets of images, notes, files...etc. You'll see a thumbnail and the title of the icedrop. You can hover over a thumbnail to highlight, share or delete it. Highlighting an icedrop enlarges it - like you can see in the screenshot above. Clicking on an icedrop takes you through to the full view image where you can add comments and find the source.

You can organise icedrops into little sub-categories too. By dragging and dropping over another icedrop you can create a folder. You can then name that folder what you like. It's another great form of content organisation.

How To Add Content

Adding icedrops is super easy when you use the bookmarklet or array of extensions for the major browsers. By clicking on the bookmarklet or using a shortcut you'll be given a little window in the bottom left, you can then drag and drop anything into there. You can select a category and name for it and that's it - it's literally as simple as that.

You can of course manually upload content directly from your hard drive too.

All your content is private by default. You can share individual icedrops and icebergs but only if the person has a link. Icebergs is meant to be a private service, a place where you can curate your content, leave it in the cloud and only people you approve of can see the content you curate.

There are no forms of collaboration at the moment and it's something I'd definitely want to see in the future. When you work with a team of designers and developers it could become a service which you use to form ideas and source inspiration. You could even run projects off it because you can upload PSDs and other similar files.

There are a whole load of possibilities available with Iceberg. I'll actually be using it from now on for my place to curate inspiring content for my own projects.

The service is in BETA and is currently invite-only. You can sign up for an invite and see if you can get in. But seriously, designers, this is a service you need to consider!