GTA V Collector’s Edition & Special Edition

Rockstar have just announced some tantalising versions of GTA V for hardcore fans. For the hardcore fans, they can now choose between the collector’s edition or the special edition.

The collector’s edition includes the following:

  • Collectible steel book with exclusive GTA V artwork. 
  • A GTA V New Era 9Fifty snapback cap.
  • Blueprint map of the game map – size 21.5″ x 26.75″. It also includes cryptic markings indicating locations for fast cash and points of interest for the up-and-coming entrepreneur.
  • GTA V security deposit bag with logo ket.

With the collector’s edition you also get some exclusive additional digital content:

  • Stunt plane trials.
  • Bonus outfits, tattoos and more.
  • Custom characters for GTA online.
  • Special ability boost where each character has a unique special ability.
  • Unique vehicles and a garage property – a place where you can store custom vehicles.
  • Additional weapons.

The special edition includes only some of the things you’ll find in the collector’s edition. What will be missing from the special edition is:

  • GTA V cap.
  • GTA V security deposit bag.
  • Custom characters for GTA online.
  • Unique vehicles and the garage property.

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