Google Plus Redesigned With A Fresh New Look

I was never a fan of the Google+ design, it just seemed very unlike Google – there was odd spacing, it was slow in some parts and generally it didn’t seem much fun to use. Now though Google have redesigned their social network.

Google+ has a fresh new design which is a lot different compared to the last, but still follows the minimalistic white and grey colour. Instead of a one column layout, it’s now a three column layout – it looks a lot more like a magazine. Some significant posts can even take over all three columns, creating one huge post, which leads to significant exposure. You can still switch to a one column view if you prefer.

There are some nice UI tweaks and animations here and there which transform the feel of the site into more of an app. When you click on a post for example, it flips over with a nice animation, revealing more information about it.

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