Google Hangouts Released for iOS, Android & Web


Google Hangouts Released for iOS, Android & Web

If you've been a user of Google's products, you'll probably know of all the chat services they had. They had so many it was so hard to keep track and it was a mess. Google have now sorted out this issue by releasing Google+ Hangouts.

Hangouts now unifies everything, putting everything under one umbrella. It allows you to have one-on-one or group conversations involving photos, emoji, videos and calls - all for free.

Hangouts is completely cross platform, it works on Android, iOS and the web. Messages stay in sync between all devices, so if you read a message on one device, it'll show as being read on another.

This is Google's attack on services like Apple's iMessage and WhatsApp. But Google beat iMessage by being multi-platform and it beats WhatsApp by being free so Hangouts is probably the best free messaging and calling service available right now. All you need is an internet connection.

Google Hangouts for Android | iOS | Chrome