New Gmail Design Coming To Desktop & Mobile

Every email service is trying to find the solution to handling your email as easy as possible. As we become more and more connected, all services are requiring our emails. And when you’re someone like me who runs a website, reviews services all the time, works with clients, has multiple email accounts it all piles up very quickly.

Mailbox did a great job with their app which turns your inbox into a sort of to-do-list – the one goal is to get to inbox zero.

Gmail is introducing a redesign of sorts to the way our email is organised. We got lots of different types of emails and Gmail wants to sort these into different categories such as social, friends, deals, receipts and many more. You can drag and drop emails between tabs and Gmail will try organising them itself by recognising the mail address and the content.

This new organisation will be coming to the desktop and Android. With iOS just waiting app approval.


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