Flickr Gets An Amazing Redesign


Flickr Gets An Amazing Redesign

Everyone, hold your horses - Flickr has now just got an epic redesign.

I've always been a huge fan of Flickr and stood behind it ever since I came across it around 6 years ago. However a lot of others abandoned it and for good reason, the site just wasn't keeping up with current design trends and features.

Flickr is now back and up for a fight. First thing you'll notice is a complete redesign - nothing like the previous site. Photos now pretty much make up the whole site, there is barely any white space - just how a photography site should be.

All users now get one whole terabyte of free space - let me say that again, one terabyte. That's 1000GB worth of free space. That's enough space for just over 530,000 pictures at 6.5 megapixels each. I'm sure people don't even take that many pictures but just incase, Flickr wants to have you covered.

Now head over to Flickr, sign yourself up and start uploading pictures!

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