Dots - Another iPhone Game Going Viral

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Dots - Another iPhone Game Going Viral

Every few weeks there's always an iOS game which goes viral because it's usually ridiculously addictive or different from other games out there. Dots is one of those ridiculously addictive one.

Dots is making the rounds, and after having one go on it you can easily see why. The game is really simple, in fact the developer was so confident in the simplicity of the game that the description for it on the App Store is simply, "Dots is a game about connecting the dots". The aim of the game is to connect two or more dots of the same colour as quickly possible in the given time limit of 60 seconds.

The game is free but up to a limit of 5000 dots. Once you've finished those 5000 dots you've got to buy another 5000 through an in app purchase. So I'm not sure how that model will work with buyers because they'll have to regularly spend some cash to keep playing. I'd rather it were free up to 5000 dots then an in app purchase makes it unlimited. I fear that this model will end up becoming the game's death because a lot of people won't keep paying to play, making them forget about game all together. We'll just see.

Dots for iPhone - FREE