What's Coming in WordPress 3.6


What's Coming in WordPress 3.6

WordPress is evolving constantly to provide content creators with the best tools it can. With every update comes some awesome features which usually significantly enhance and improve the use of the open source content management system.

The BETA version of WordPress 3.6 is already out available for testing. But the final and stable build should be available to the masses by the end of June.

What New Features Are There In WordPress 3.6

Post Formats

WordPress has always had post formats since version 3.1. In this next version they're going to put it out in a big way. The post editing screen will now have quite a few options for different post types - these include standard, image, gallery, link, video, audio, chat, status and quote. You could say it's a copy of Tumblr and it basically is, but it should be a great way for more of a variety of content. Themes will be able to create different post styles for each post type which will only further enhance the experience for users.

What's Coming in WordPress 3.6

Better Audio & Video Support

WordPress hasn't been the best platform for audio and video. Usually better platforms would be SoundCloud and YouTube. But WordPress wants to change that.

It's now easier to upload media content such as audio and video, and easier to implement it into posts. You can now preview videos directly in the WordPress dashboard.

What's Coming in WordPress 3.6

Posts Saved Offline

No having to worry about your browser crashing, your server going down or your computer dying. WordPress can now save posts locally at regular intervals. So you can go back to what you were doing.

Post Locking

If you run a multi-author blog it'll now be easier to know if a post is being edited by another author. You can now 'Take Over' a post and lock the other author out if needed.

What's Coming in WordPress 3.6

Navigation Menus

The menus feature in the admin is now being changed around a little with a more organised interface. You now have different tabs and sections down the side.

What's Coming in WordPress 3.6

New Twenty Thirteen Theme

Along with the new version, WordPress will also be bringing a new default theme for users to enjoy. You can check out the demo for it here.

What's Coming in WordPress 3.6

These are only a few of the new features to expect. There will of course be an array of other little enhancements and new features when the final version is released.