ChargeCard - Superslim Charger Which Fits In Your Wallet


ChargeCard - Superslim Charger Which Fits In Your Wallet

Portable phone chargers are everywhere, the problem companies are trying to solve is how to make them discreet and easy to use. ChargeCard is a super slim charger which has been designed to fit in your wallet.

The ChargeCard provides an extra bit of power for when you really need it. It won't completely recharge your phone but it'll be enough for an important situation. The great thing about ChargeCard is that it isn't just a portable charger, it can charge your device anywhere, providing there is a USB socket available. Because the charging cable and phone connector are all in one, it's basically a charger too. It doesn't stop there though, it can be used for data transfer too.

The ChargeCard comes in three different versions, MicroUSB, Apple 30-pin and Lightning connector. They go for $25.

ChargeCard - $25