Bamboo Loop - A Messaging App by Wacom

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Bamboo Loop - A Messaging App by Wacom

Wacom are known for their very popular graphic tablets which aid designers when it comes to creating stuff. But now they're expanding and releasing apps.

Bamboo Loop is a new app from Wacom. It's a brand new messaging app - a market everyone seems to be fighting for. But this messaging app is very different from many others, this has more of an arty touch. It allows you to play around with pictures to add your own style.

Wacom are going for the "pictures are worth a thousand words" tactic here. They want people to send unique to each other instead of text. It's an interesting tactic. Who knows if the app will be successful because others have tried doing this but not got very far.

The app is beautifully designed. In true Wacom style, it has a gorgeous UI which is a joy to use.

Bamboo Loop