August – A Smart Lock For Your Door

Doors and locks which open wirelessly knowing you’re in the present area is still something relatively of the future. You’d think after seeing it in many films over the last 20 years we’d have it by now.

August wants to be one of the very first smart locks which we use in our homes. It doesn’t require a physical key, it opens via your phone using low energy Bluetooth. Unfortunately Android still doesn’t support this standard of low energy Bluetooth so for now it looks like it’ll be iPhone only.

The smart lock is pretty easy to install and only requires two screws. It’s powered by batteries which means it’ll always be connected even if the power goes out.

It allows easier control of who gets in your home too. People can be given access for periods of time or certain times of the day. They can go in when you’re not around and it’ll tell you via notifications when they went in and when they left.

It’s launching later this year in the US for $199, you can reserve one if you like.

August Smart Lock

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