Analog Camera for iPhone

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Analog Camera for iPhone

Realmac Software, the people behind the ridiculously popular 'Clear' to-do list app have come out with an all new camera app for the iPhone. Usually you hear of great software companies being mainly based in the US, but Realmac Software is actually pretty close to where I live myself. So it's great to know an independent company with just a few people can build some awesome products.

Analog Camera is Realmac Software's shot at the camera app scene, which we already know is very saturated. But somehow the app is already the 11th most popular paid app on the App Store (for the UK app store that is) and it was only released two days ago.

After using the app I can see why it's become so popular. The first thing you'll notice is how quickly it loads, it's just as fast as the stock camera app. When launched you're given the screen you see in the picture above. The frame is in a square format, which unfortunately may be a killer for some. Above is a quick glance at your camera roll, giving you really quick access to your recently taken pictures - faster than any other camera app I've come across.


The app has the very useful ability to set different focus and exposure points. The iPhone camera doesn't have great dynamic range which is to be expected from such a small camera. By setting two different points you can get the exposure just right for your picture. There's also a horizon line to help you align the picture perfectly - no more wonky images.


Once you've chosen or taken your picture, you're shown the effects screen. In the middle will be your original image, surrounding that is the eight different effects you have at your disposal. Something unique and simply marvellous is when you swipe your finger over the different effects it'll quickly show you a larger thumbnail - it's pretty nifty.

Below the thumbnail grid you'll see the options to save your image, email it, share it to different apps and the ability to share it directly to Facebook or Twitter.


Instead of having to go to the Twitter or Facebook app, Analog Camera lets you post the image directly from within the app. You can add a caption and then publish it. It's literally as quick as that.

Analog Camera's main goal is to make picture taking and sharing as quick as possible without any of the extras that other apps may offer. If you want more options you can of course choose other apps. Analog isn't trying give you all the options in the world, it just wants to make the process a quick affair.

Analog Camera for iPhone - £0.69 ($0.99)