AirFi – Bluetooth Headphones | 43% Off | Deal

Bluetooth headphones are ever more popular now. Why listen to your music on your phone with wired headphones when you can listen to them completely wirelessly. AirFi is a high quality set of Bluetooth headphones which enable you to listen to music on your phone, tablet or computer completely wirelessly.

They feature ultra soft ear pads and an adjustable head band so you can wear them for extended periods of time. They have a hidden microphone so you’ll still be able to take calls. Battery lasts for around 12 hours and are rechargeable via USB.

They’re only going for $57 when they usually go for $100 so you’re getting nearly 50% off!

They do come in different colours.

For more information on this deal, follow the link below.

AirFi – Bluetooth Headphones

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