Adobe Creative Suite Is Becoming A Subscription Only Product


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Adobe have just announced a major update to its Creative Suite line-up - it's moving it over to a subscription-only service. That means programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator won't be available for purchase as one-off payments. This major move over to the cloud will happen from CS7 onwards.

Previously you were able to purchase versions of Photoshop online or at stores. They'd come on CD's which made it easy to install on your computer. But with more and more stuff becoming cloud based, Adobe think it's time to move over their very popular Creative Suite over to the cloud too.

They're going to be renaming it from Creative Suite to Creative Cloud.

This may be a great way to stop piracy of the Creative Suite applications which are littered everywhere. It's pretty easy picking up a pirated copy and has become less work. Obviously you miss out on updates and stuff but many are usually fine with making that compromise.

With the programs going cloud based, it'll be easier than ever to keep the apps up to date. Adobe will be able to push updates everyday if they need to.

The pricing will be £46.88 a month for the Creative Suite. In the US it's $49, which is significantly cheaper. I'm hoping Adobe match the prices.

I'm sure though that there will be a huge backlash. Paying that £46.88 a month will not be worthwhile at all for many users who only use the Adobe Creative Suite a few times a month. For the people who actually make money from using the programs will be fine, but those who are trying to learn to use programs like Photoshop may now be put off. Sure you get a 30 day free trial, but as users know, it can take months or years to really get the hang of Photoshop. New users will most likely go for other options. That brings another problem - there will inevitably be many competitors.

There are already many competitors of programs like Photoshop. But now they'll be able to take advantage of the monthly fee, offering one-off payments for their programs.