8-Bit iPhone Bumper And iPhone Sleeves By Bigbig Pixel

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8-Bit iPhone Bumper And iPhone Sleeves By Bigbig Pixel

Finding a case for your phone takes a lot more effort than most people think. Especially, for the gamers out there. Seriously, it's difficult. It's considerably rare to find gaming themed iPhone cases that are more than a decal on the back of the phone that will more than likely start to peel after a few months of travel in your pocket.  Then there's BigBig Pixel that went and created a bumper that really feels like it's made for the gamer at heart by giving it this eye popping 8-bit aesthetic.

In addition the bumper, they've also got a sleeve for the iPad which will have you double take at how convincing this sleeve looks. They've got a sleeve for the iPad Mini/iPad's 8 and 10 inch models and the MacBook Air's 11 and 13 inch models.

Not only are both of these accessories aesthetically pleasing, but they also will provide some adequate protection to your Apple device which is also important....but not as important as having a really slick looking case. You can pick one up here.

iPad Mini Sleeve and iPhone Cases