New Watch Dogs Trailer Hints at November Release for PS4 & XBOX 720

Watch Dogs is becoming a highly anticipated game – due to it’s amazing graphics and having a GTA style gameplay. However with the game being so graphic intensive, Ubisoft (the developers), have said that to experience the best graphics you’ll need to play it on one of the upcoming next gen consoles.

Sony have said that the PS4 will be coming later this year and Microsoft are yet to announce the XBOX 720, but they will be very soon.

Watch Dogs is set to come out on the 22nd of November and they clearly list the PS4 and XBOX 720 logos at the end. So maybe the next gen consoles will be out before then, ready for Christmas.

UPDATE: Many noted that they don’t see the XBOX 720 logo, and they’re right. Who knows what make me think there was an XBOX 720 logo at the end. But hopefully the next gen XBOX does come out in November.

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