Sony To Include DualShock 3 Support In Future Android Devices

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Sony is to at last introduce DualShock 3 controller capability to its Xperia line of phones. With all of them running Android, it's pretty easy to add the software needed to get the controllers working on the phones. This means users will be able to play Android games on their phone with their DualShock 3 controller.

The device to get the DualShock 3 capability will be the Sony Xperia SP. The option to connect will be in the settings menu. You connect the controller to the phone via USB, they'll pair up, then you can start playing wirelessly. No rooting or hacking needed.

With phones becoming ever more powerful and amazing Android games being released regularly, it's a good move by Sony to introduce this capability. Let's hope the just released Xperia Z gets this feature very soon.

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