The Secret One Finger Zooming Feature in Google Maps

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The Secret One Finger Zooming Feature in Google Maps

Now I discovered this feature by accident a few months back when Google released the Maps app for iOS. However I thought everyone knew about it and it was just a little thing, so I didn't do a post on it. But it looks like it's a feature that most didn't know about at all.

A recent post went to the top of Hacker News which shows off this feature. And boy is it making the waves across other sites.

You can simply zoom in on Google Maps by double tapping, then swiping up or down - it's a very cool way to zoom in and out with just one hand, no having to pinch and zoom.

The Secret One Finger Zooming Feature in Google Maps

However the top comment on the Hacker News thread notes a very important problem. This may solve the zooming in and out feature with one hand but the problem is it's not intuitive or popular. Because it hasn't been used anywhere else, no one would even think about it. The pinch to zoom is a natural thing which everyone learned, Apple made it popular when they introduced it (they tried patenting it, but it was rejected). Then everyone else adopted it.

This double tap, then swiping up and down needs to become a lot more popular, needs to be shown off and used in other apps. Only then will we as humans learn it, it'll become a natural way to zoom in and out.

Little things like this can easily change the way we interact with apps, literally forever.

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