RedReader BETA for Android – A Brilliant Reddit Client

Most of the Reddit clients for Android are absolutely rubbish, very ugly and contain ads. RedReader is a new Reddit client which hopes to change all that.

RedReader has just been released today and the developer hopes to make it one of the best, if not, the best Reddit client for Android. It uses the Holo UI theme and he promises to keep it open source and ad free.

After a little use, I must say it’s very good for an initial release. The app is pretty fluid and includes an array of features, but there are some major features the developer is still working on.

It supports both phones and tablets. On my Nexus 7 it looks brilliant and fits a lot of content on the 1280×720 screen. It supports dual pane on tablets but isn’t recommended on the Nexus 7 due to the screen being only 7 inches. But you can forcefully enable it – very useful and I like it, even if it does look a bit odd sometimes.

You can change the theme too if you don’t like the default red. Included themes are green, blue, grey and a night mode.

If you’re worried about NSFW content, it gives you the option to hide any of it.

I’m pretty impressed by this BETA version of the app and it looks like so are many others. It’s already rated at four and a half stars on the Play store. Hopefully with time it’ll become very feature filled and maybe even the best Reddit client for Android.

RedReader BETA for Android – FREE

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