Pixel Perfect Precision - A PDF Guide on Designing

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Pixel Perfect Precision - A PDF Guide on Designing

If you're a designer or work in the digital creative industry, you'll have definitely heard of pixel perfection or similar terms. The meaning behind this is designing literally to be pixel perfect.

If you're an upcoming designer, learning the ins and outs you may find this PDF very useful. Even the experienced out there may find this useful.

Pixel Perfect Precision is a PDF produced by ustwo and they're giving it away for free for anyone to download and read. It's a 106 page guide which goes through everything you need to know to be pixel perfect - from the very basic and obvious, to the fine little details which you may have never even thought about or noticed. Don't worry, it's not a boring guide with 106 pages of text - it's heavily image based with very short and concise descriptions, perfect for those who want to learn quick.

I've been doing design work for a few years now, but this PDF still provided me with tips and tricks which I never knew of. It's definitely worth downloading and keeping in your resources folder.

PPP by ustwo - PDF