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Niice - A Search Engine With Taste

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Niice - A Search Engine With Taste

As the creators put it "Google doesn't have a good taste filter". Here's where Niice comes in. This search engine is created specially to search three sites, Dribbble, Designspiration and Behance. By limiting it to those sites you're able to search for anything and still be given great results.

Like anyone who designs stuff, I scour the web for inspiration and mainly the three sites I just listed. Google isn't great at giving "good looking" results, their job is to just give you the most relevant ones. The creators of Niice want to give designers an easy way to find inspiration by giving them a very minimal looking search site and huge thumbnails. If you want to find out more about a certain result, you simply click through and it'll take you to the original source.

This now may become my number one site for finding inspiration.