How To Install Facebook Home On Unsupported Devices | APK Downloads

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Facebook Home for Nexus 7

If you've been trying to install Facebook Home on your device only to find out your device is unsupported, this method can help you get past that.

Paul O'Brien from Modaco has posted method which enables you to install Facebook home on any device.

You need to uninstall your existing Facebook, Messenger and Home applications (necessary because the patched versions are re-signed), then install the patched Facebook main app (katana) - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid), the patched Messenger app (orca) - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid) and the patched Home app - DOWNLOAD (ROMraid). Sign in and in the Facebook application's 'Settings' menu the Facebook Home option should appear for you!

So go ahead and try it if you really want to give Facebook Home ago. Though I'm not for one to have Facebook take over my device, I do love the Chatheads feature from the Messenger app.