Incipio Premium Leather Sleeve for MacBook Air 13-inch


Incipio Premium Leather Sleeve for MacBook Air 13-inch

I love my luxury products and was pretty chuffed when Incipio sent me their premium leather sleeve for my new MacBook Air 13-inch. It's made from real leather which instantly feels fantastic when you touch it. It has a lovely suede lining on the inside to protect the MacBook Air.

Unlike many other leather products which require some wear to easily slip in and out, I have no trouble getting my MacBook Air in and out of it. It's a tight fit, but not tight to the point where it's difficult to pull it out of the sleeve.

The sleeve is pretty thick, has quite a bit of padding either side. It's perfect for everyday protection and maybe even a drop or two - though I'm too scared to try that.

It's not cheap, at $79.99, but then nor is your MacBook Air. Why buy a cheap $10 sleeve which makes your MacBook look cheap, when you can buy a luxurious leather sleeve which actually adds some protection but also looks bloody brilliant.

MacBook Air Premium Leather Sleeve by Incipio - $79.99

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