Incase Compact Backpack Review

I don’t travel very much, probably a few times a month, and usually it’s not even that far – maybe just to a friends house or to a meeting or two. So I was looking for something big enough to lug around all my tech, be reasonably priced and quite good looking.

I decided to purchase an Incase Compact Backpack for £50 from the Apple Store. A very reasonable price for what is actually a very good bag. Surprisingly it’s cheaper on the Apple store than on Amazon.

It’s made from nylon so you expect it to be pretty cheap feeling but it isn’t. It’s very light but has a reasonable amount of padding where needed. It’s also weather-resistant so it’ll easily survive a heavy shower, just don’t chuck it in a river.

The padding on the shoulder straps are brilliant. I was carrying around a MacBook Air, iPad, Nexus 7, camera, tripod and an array of plugs and wires, had no trouble having the bag on my back while walking around a recent event (TheGadgetShow live) for 2-3 hours.

Some parts of the inside of the bag have a faux-fur lining which gives an instant feeling of luxury. I bloody love the feel of this stuff – it’s awesome.

It has two pockets dedicated for a laptop and tablet – ideally for the iPad and MacBook Pro 15-inch. I have an iPad Mini and MacBook Air 13-inch and still had plenty of space. I actually use the Incipio Leather Sleeve and put that in the bag with the MacBook Air.

The bag is awesome for the price and is perfect for my occasional use. It would easily do as an everyday bag for anyone who commutes. It has enough padding all around and plenty of space. If you’re interested in what I put in the bag regularly, check this post out.

Incase Compact Backpack – £50

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