Google Nose BETA

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Google Nose BETA

Google have just announced a new addition to search: Google Nose. We're all used to looking up information on the internet, whether it be articles, news or images but what if we wanted to smell things, that's where Google Nose comes in.

Google Nose allows you to search for smells you've been longing for. You can search for literally anything, such as what a wet dog smells like, what a new car smells like or even what it smells like in an Egyptian Tomb Stone.

Google Nose is currently in BETA so it's not perfect yet. It doesn't seem to be working at all for me so hopefully Google will be able to fix this soon.

OK ok, this is another April fools' joke from Google. But still imagine if something like this were real and we were able to smell any smell we wanted, whenever we wanted, would be pretty cool.