Ghost Is Now A Kickstarter Project

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Ghost Is Now A Kickstarter Project

We covered Ghost before and I was super impressed by how simple and minimalistic it was. It made blogging easy for those who don't want to see code and want a more visual experience.

Well Ghost has moved on from a concept to a working product. It's going to be free and open source so anyone can use it and do what they want with it. However the product is not completely finished, there is still a bit more work to be done and that's where John, the founder of Ghost, needs your help.

John has now made Ghost into a Kickstarter project so he can raise money for the product. The money raised will be used for development, infrastructure and legal stuff.

I've yet to try the product but from what I've seen, it looks very promising. The user interface especially is beautiful and looks a lot better than what most other blogging platforms offer.

Ghost - Kickstarter