Facebook Messenger Updated To Support Chatheads

With Facebook Home to launch today, Facebook have updated their Messenger app to now support Chatheads. After some very quick usage I’m actually liking it, a lot. I’m not a huge Facebook fan, but I do use the chat system to talk to a lot of friends. With something like Chatheads I can easily open a conversation without ever having to leave the current app I’m in. And like in the Facebook demo, you can move the Chatheads icon around the screen so it never gets in the way. You can of course remove it completely if you wanted to.

A feature like this just shows how iOS is lagging behind in terms of multi-tasking. Only Android is able to run apps on top of each other and Facebook have utilised that unique feature very well.

All we’re waiting for now is the actual Facebook Home launcher to be released.

Facebook Messenger

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