Cinemizer OLED Multimedia Glasses by Zeiss

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Cinemizer OLED Multimedia Glasses by Zeiss

While at TheGadgetShow live on Wednesday I got to try out a neat pair of multimedia glasses by Zeiss. They're calling them the "Cinemizer OLED". They're a pair of glasses which are pretty small and stylish that you wear to find two screens in them. These two screens use OLED technology to give you a virtual 40-inch screen 2 metres in front of you.

When I was using them, they were hooked up to a computer which had Portal 2 on it. With the glasses I was able to move left or right to move the player. It was a pretty surreal feeling, literally as if you're in another world. You can simply turn your head to turn the character.

They can also give out 3D images but unfortunately I wasn't able to test this there. They're not heavy either and I think I could comfortably use them for long periods of time. They feature a rechargeable battery to be used wirelessly but if you've got it hooked up to a PC or games console you'll be attached anyway because it needs to connect to them via HDMI. The only great use of the wireless functionality is when they're connected to a device.

They can connect to any HDMI equipped devices, including iPhones, iPads and most Android phones which have mini HDMI ports.

There was one big downer though, the two screens in the glasses only give out a resolution of 870x500, which is basically standard definition. Although it was hard to tell when playing Portal, it would definitely be noticeable when playing other games. The glasses also cost a whopping £599.99. With that sort of money you can just buy a 40-inch 1080p TV.

Some of my pals over at Gaming Till Diconnected actually have a video on the product and you'll see me using it.