Airdroid 2 Released on Google Play Store


Airdroid 2 Released on Google Play Store

One of my all time favourite Android apps has now got an update, making it even more powerful. AirDroid is easily one of my most recommended apps for the Android platform, it's just all round awesome. The 5 star rating out of 111k reviews says it all really on the Play Store.

For those who don't know AirDroid, it's an app which allows you to control a lot of parts of your phone from your web browser. Such as the ability to transfer files, install/delete apps, take screenshots and many other things.

AirDroid 2 adds some notable new features.

  • You can now launch AirDroid without even touching your Android device like before, where you had to launch the app.
  • You can access your device anywhere now, providing it's connected to the internet at least.
  • You can locate your phone if you lost it and even lock or wipe it remotely.
  • There is a camera remote function, allowing you to control the camera.

The are some other bug fixes and enhancements to the SMS experience.

Overall it's brilliant as always and I recommend downloading it if you have an Android device.

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