5 Ways To Stay Creative When Working From Home


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If you work from home you'll know how sometimes it'll be tough staying motivated and staying creative - it happens to everyone but being at home can be even more distracted. I've been working from home full time for just over 7 months now and I've learnt quite a few ways to stay motivated and creative.

Many say I'm very lucky to work from home but it does bring its own drawbacks that you won't find at an office job or a job where you're on the move.

1. Switch up your routine

I do have a routine where I'll work a certain number of hours a day, with the same flow, just the same thing over and over again. Though I only follow this routine 60% of the time. With the other 40% of the time I'll do something else entirely, like go out for the day, then do work at night. Or do a few hours of work, do something else entirely, then do another few hours of work. No day is ever the same for me and that's what keeps different.

5 Ways To Stay Creative When Working From Home

Of course something like this will not work for everyone. Some love having the same routine, it's how they can smash out work and then separate from it when they need to.

2. Don't work for more than 2 hours straight

I never work for more than 2 hours straight (unless I really need to). Usually I'll work for an hour or a little longer, then take a break. My attention span is small but having these breaks helps me focus more when I need to. I'll end up browsing my social feeds, watching a video, sometimes even watch a whole film.

3. Get out of the house

I hear of many people who work from home that only go out on the weekends, they rarely ever even go for a walk on a week day. I couldn't take that. I go out at least on two days of the week, I'll then be out for most of the day on a Sunday. Being around friends can be a great way separate from work. You could even talk about work with your friends if they're in the same field, they might end up giving you an idea or solution to something. Surround yourself with creative and happy people.

4. Work on personal projects

When you're working from home you'll have a lot more time to do the things you like. For me I love to design and create things, right now I'm working on creating and selling WordPress & Tumblr themes. Designing sites is something I love doing other than just running UltraLinx. So find something else you like doing and would be willing to give up time for, it could literally be anything.

5 Ways To Stay Creative When Working From Home

5. Exercise

Well this is an obvious one isn't it? If you're working from home, you'll usually be sitting in a chair, in front of a computer, getting fat. Not doing any exercise will have catastrophic effects on your body, not straight away, but a few months and years down the line you'll notice and so will others.

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