How To Get The New YouTube 'One Channel' Design


How To Get The New YouTube 'One Channel' Design

YouTube introduced a new design for channels last month, calling it "One Channel". This new design was made so that channels could look familiar across all the platforms YouTube is available on, such as your computer, mobile phone and TV. The only thing was that it was very limited to a few number of channels.

The design isn't just to look pretty however, it's also been designed to convert more visitors into subscribers. Channels can also organise their videos, putting their top and featured content at the top of their channel. They can also put a trailer on the front of their channel for people who are yet to subscribe. This trailer could be a great way to introduce a channel and the type of video content they produce.

Now though you can apply the new design to your own YouTube channel and start customising right away. YouTube are obviously happy with the results they've had with the new design since it was introduced to a few number of channels.

Simply head over to here, scroll to the bottom and hit "Get Started". Your channel will then change and you'll be able to start adding your cover photo and organising your videos how you like.