How To Sync Fonts Between Multiple Macs With Dropbox


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When you're a font fanatic like myself, it can be a huge pain having all your fonts on all your machines when you need them. Thankfully I've found a way in which to keep my fonts in sync between my two Macs, iMac and MacBook Air. It's actually very simple to setup.

Note: You don't have to use Dropbox. You can actually use any syncing service.

How To Sync Fonts Between Multiple Machines

1. You need to acquire Fontcase from the App Store. Install it on the machine which has all of your fonts. It's not a cheap app but it's well worth it if you love your fonts.

2. Launch Fontcase and tick the two options I have ticked. Then hit the "Import Fonts" button.


3. Once all of your fonts have been imported, go to Preferences and click the “Move” button. Move your fonts to your Dropbox folder.

Fontcase 2

4. Open up your other Mac and download and install Fontcase. Make sure your font vault has been synced into your Dropbox too. Launch Fontcase and go to Preferences and click the "Locate" button. Then simply choose the font vault in your Dropbox.

Now all your fonts will be synced perfectly. It'll even sync your settings, such as the fonts you merged and what fonts you activated/deactivated.

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