How To Sync Files Between Two Computers With Dropbox LAN Sync


How To Sync Files Between Two Computers With Dropbox LAN Sync

I recently acquired a MacBook Air to work on the go as I've become a lot more mobile in recent months. However over the last year I've been doing all of my work on my iMac which sits at home on my desk, so all my work is on that machine. My plan is to work on both computers but keep certain folders in sync between the two machines, those folders being my work folders, the ones which contain my web design work and UltraLinx resources. I wanted to keep them in sync in a way where if I made a change on one machine, those changes would also go over to the other machine. I only wanted to sync it when I'm at home connected on the same WiFi network, because transferring files between over LAN only is a lot quicker than uploading to the internet then downloading to another machine.

Dropbox seemed to be my best solution. A feature of Dropbox which most don't know about is the "Enable LAN sync" option. This feature allows your files to sync over LAN to your other machines, it's a hell of a lot faster, especially if you have a high speed router.

To enable LAN sync you simply go into your Dropbox preferences and enable it from there.

However this is still not a complete solution for me. Because I don't want my files to upload to the cloud, which they still do. But for now it'll have to do. This seems to be the best and most easiest way to sync files between two machines. But if anyone knows of a way to do it without Dropbox uploading the files to the cloud too, let me know in the comments below!