Samsung Galaxy S4 Available for Pre-Order At A Whopping £629


Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was announced earlier this month, packing some impressive specs and some very cool features you won't find on any other phone. The device is set to be released on the 26th of April but you can now pre-order it across many different retailers. However if you're looking to get one SIM free you might be caught off guard by the price. On Amazon the 16GB model is going for a whopping £629, which seems a bit brave. This is a hell of a lot more expensive than most phones when they were first released, such as the iPhone 5 and HTC One which are both going for around £520 - over £100 cheaper.

Maybe this is a ploy by Samsung to get consumers tied into contracts so they're forced to use the device for 2 years - staying with Samsung. Who knows why it's so expensive but I'm sure with Samsung's marketing they'll literally be shooting off the shelves.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Price Amazon