Muzzy – A Little Music Companion App for Mac

Muzzy is neat little music companion app which will be coming to Mac very soon. The developers were kind enough to send me over a BETA version of the app to try out before public release.

Let’s get one thing clear though, this is not here to replace iTunes, it’s supposed to compliment it. You still have to use iTunes as your main music player. I have over 5000 tracks so I have music playing nearly constantly on my computer, especially because I work from home too.

Muzzy just integrates seamlessly into your taskbar. When you click on it you’re given the album art and the time. You can skip through the track by clicking on the album art which is very useful.

From the screenshot above you can clearly see the font isn’t as smooth as it should be, but I’m sure they’ll iron this out in the final version.

When you click on the top right of the album art you’re given the track list, a very useful way to choose a track without have to open up iTunes. But you are still given the option to open iTunes when you scroll down to the bottom of the list.

Probably my most favourite feature and the smallest too is that it shows you the name of the song for a few seconds when it starts. When a new track starts playing I always end up having to open up iTunes to see the name of it. This very little feature is very useful.

Muzzy isn’t out yet but it will be coming out very soon. You can head over to the Muzzy site and sign up to be notified when it is available.


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