Minuum Keyboard for Android - Changing Touchscreen Typing

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Minuum Keyboard for Android - Changing Touchscreen Typing

Typing on touchscreens has stayed mainly the same ever since the introduction of Android and iOS devices - you have a qwerty keyboard which takes up half of your screen. But that's the problem, why are we using full keyboards on touchscreen devices - they take up way too much screen estate. You wouldn't want your computer keyboard taking up half the space of your screen.

The Minuum keyboard wants to change typing on touchscreens in a radical new way. The main idea here is to keep the keyboard as small as possible but still have a very quick typing speed. It's made to be a minimal keyboard. From looking at the video, the typing speed seems to be very fast - but of course it'll take adapting to.

Minuum doesn't want to just take on touchscreens though, it wants to also work with wearable devices and gaming controllers. They have a very good vision of what they want Minuum to be - but executing it is a whole different ball game.

The Minuum keyboard is currently Indiegogo project, trying to raise funds to help push the project forward. They had a goal of $10,000 but have already smashed that and hit $46,000 so far - with 28 days still left.

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