Intab for Chrome Has Changed My Web Browsing Experience Forever

It’s one of those things where once you use it, it changes something forever. Today is one of those days where my web browsing experience will now be changed forever, all down to one tiny Chrome extension.

Tabs have now become a standard when it comes to web browsing. The ability to have multiple websites open at once makes the browsing experience much faster and much more useful. The problem with tabs though is that they break your flow of reading. For example, you may be reading a blog post, that post may link to other articles, you end up having to open that link in a new tab, read it and then close it – breaking the flow completely. You may also open that link to find it not interesting at all, wasting your time, even if it is a few seconds.

Intab can completely change the way you open links from now on. If you wanted to have a quick look at something, Intab enables you to open a link on top of the page you’re on. As you can see from the picture above, my Dribbble profile is on the bottom, with one of my Dribbble shots on top of it.

I’ve only been using the extension for an hour or two and already it makes my browsing experience a hell of a lot better.

Intab is currently in BETA at the moment. Amazingly, it went from idea to product in 5 hours! So it requires a bit of ironing out to fix any bugs.

To use Intab all you do is hold down Alt/Option + Commandand then click on your link. For Windows it’s Windows+Alt.

Intab for Chrome

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