How To Get Pinterest Analytics For Your Site

Pinterest has today launched a very useful analytics tool for bloggers, businesses and marketers to make use of.

I and many other bloggers have content pinned all the time to Pinterest, it makes up a significant amount of traffic and is another source of new visitors. The problem was that you couldn’t find out any information about the content that was being pinned from your site. Now with this new analytics tool, users can see how many pins are happening from their site, how many repins there were and how many impressions those pins got.

You can see other information too. Such as the most recent pins right now, what has been the most repinned for a particular day or period of days, and what has been the most clicked on.

It’s not very detailed information right now but it’s a good start for Pinterest and I’m sure they’ll be expanding these analytics tools over the coming months.

How To Get Pinterest Analytics For Your Site

1. You will need to make sure your site is verified.

2. Activate the new Pinterest look.

3. Once you’ve done the two things above you simply go to the top right menu and you’ll see “Analytics”.

You can even export the data to Excel so you can see a more organised grid of numbers and links.

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