What If Google Play Looked Like This? | Google Play Redesign Concept


I love Google Play, formerly known as the Android market, ever since using Android on my very old HTC Desire. The main reason I loved it was because it's Android apps on the web - from which you can hit install on the browser and it'll install the app for you on your device without you having to do anything. It also meant browsing apps easier because I could use the larger screen estate on my computer. The browsing experience is much better than the iOS store which is trapped on the iDevices.

However one thing that's always bugged me is the design of the Play Store. Sure it's not hideous but it could look a lot better. Google, the web experts, the people who make absolutely stunning apps for both Android and iOS, haven't put much design effort into the second biggest app store in the world. The user experience though is amazing, like most Google services.

Enes Daniş obviously thought the same so in his free time he came up with a random concept that keeps most of the elements of the original design but makes it a lot prettier and professional. Of course with this being an experimental concept, things are far from perfect. Though the vision is there, that's the main thing.

What If Google Play Looked Like This? | Google Play Redesign Concept

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