Google+ Makes Cover Photos Ginormous!

Google have just made a small but dramatic change on Google+, and that’s making the cover photos huge! Unlike before where there was quite a bit of white space on the right side and the profiles were aligned to the left, they have now been centred. Cover photos now span across most of the page, giving your profile a more unique but clean look. You can of course upload your own cover but I chose one of the Google defaults because I knew it would be very high res.

Profiles now look much better with them being centred. It doesn’t look like Google didn’t know what to do with the right side anymore. They’re making full use of screen estate because when you have a high resolution display you’re given the chat bar on the right side too.

I very much like the change, though the homepage is still aligned to the left with a lot of wasted white space on the right. Hopefully this will be the next thing to be changed.

The cover photos weren’t the only things to get changed though. The About section of profiles are now a lot neater and colour coded.

Another thing, you can set GIF’s as your cover photo, like this person. Pretty awesome.

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