Flipboard for iOS Updated to v2.0


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Flipboard has just been updated to v2.0 adding a whole host of new features and making it a lot quicker too. This is one of the biggest updates for the app in a while.

One major new feature is the ability to create your own magazines. When browsing articles you'll now find a new "plus" button, this button allows you to add an article to your own curated magazine. So say you loved design centric apps, any articles you find covering design centric apps can be added to your curated magazine. You can name this article, add a description, add a cover photo to it and make it public to share with everyone. Of course there is the ability to make them private too.

When tapping the red ribbon at the top right you'll find a slightly redesigned content guide. Images are now more prominent in the content guide.

You'll notice that the app is a lot faster than before you can quickly swipe through content faster than ever before, it's a lot more like flipping quickly through a magazine.

A new feature Flipboard have introduced the ability to save articles you find across the web to read later through Flipboard. Kind of like Pocket and Instapaper, you can use a bookmarklet to save content and read later on your Flipboard app. You can check out more about the bookmarklet here.

No word on when these new features will be coming over to Android but I'm sure they will be pretty soon.

Flipboard for iOS