Awesome Typographic iPhone Lockscreen Tweak | Cydia

If you’re looking to switch up your iPhone lockscreen to be better looking than the standard one, this is the tweak you need. This awesome typographic lockscreen tweak is completely free and can be found via a specific Cydia repo. Also if you’re willing to go into the files and get your hands dirty, you can change around what it says on those lines. Unfortunately to change the background you have to go into the tweak directly and change it manually, which is a pain, but can easily be done if you have iFile or any other root file explorer for your iPhone.

To get this tweak you’ll first need to add this repo – – there shouldn’t be many tweaks in that directory, so scroll through and find “Typo5 Lockscreen”. You will need to remove the standard iOS lockscreen clock too, to do that simply look for a tweak called “Lockscreen Clock Hide” and you’re sorted.

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