A Better App Switching Concept for iOS | Video


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App switching on iOS is still no where near as good as it could be. Only a very small portion of the screen is used to switch between apps and Apple have seemed to stuck with it since introducing it. Then came the jailbreak community with Auxo, a tweak which changes app switching hugely, I definitely recommend it for anyone who has jailbroken.

Now there's an even a better app switching concept which I'm sure many hope will be made into a Cydia tweak. Jesse Head has come up with very well thought out concept that follows Apple's style and looks perfect for the iPhone.

Most smartphones don't actually have true multi-tasking. Android and iOS have app switching because you can only have one app running at one time on your screen. Android's advantage is that it can run an app in the background forever if you wanted it to, something iOS doesn't do. But then iOS is able to save battery life by not doing this. So this concept is solely based on app switching.

This concept takes cues from Android's app switching whereby it takes over the whole screen. Showing you a large preview of an app, you can then swipe between your apps. You can also simply swipe them up or down to remove them completely. There is also music controls and setting controls included which makes switching off certain settings a lot quicker.

Hopefully someone will make this into a Cydia tweak because I know I'd use it.